John Patitucci, Chris Potter, Marcus Gilmore, Rogerio Boccato, and Jon Cowherd loosen the grooves in ‘Letter for Paul,” a tribute to a soulful stylist

“Paul’s influence on my playing and, in particular, his bass line composition, has been profound.”

It’s one tune, riding around in your head like a question mark, keeping you company on that long car ride to work, or doing the dishes, daydreaming of better days…

Revered, four-time Grammy-winning jazz bassist…

Please hit refresh for young jazz collective’s jazz-EDM foray, ‘Lasting’

Take childlike wonder, wistful longing, and pit them up against each other in a jazz soul and EDM pop bath, and you kind of have Echoes’ third upcoming album, Lasting, seeping into your skin and fucking with your mental photo album.

Echoes’ young jazz collective can be broken down into…

Award-winning classical-to-jazz violinist Duane Padilla can turn a note into a moment, thanks to the quietly revolutionary Suzuki Method

The following excerpt of my exclusive interview is in “Ke Ola O Na Mele’s” Fall 2021 issue, available to all Local 677 union members in Hawaii.

“The main thing that the general public does not realize, and frankly most younger Suzuki teachers have lost sight of, is the fact that the main goal of the Suzuki method is not to train professional musicians. Dr. Suzuki’s main idea was that if we put violins in the hands…

in my dreams
I look for a key
already in my front right pocket
next to the plane ticket
and a taped picture of you
and I, together in one of those funny
yearbook poses of the ‘70s

a window is always open
to the other side
storms and dinosaurs, seas and…

‘Project Runway’ designer Meg Ferguson went a bridge too far with Haitian Prajjé Oscar Jean-Baptiste and Filipino Kenneth Barlis

“Oftentimes when you find people in support of our issues, as Black folks, it kind of comes off as if they know what our troubles are and they’re our saving grace. And that’s usually a big misunderstanding in the community and how support comes.” —Prajjé Oscar Jean-Baptiste, “Project Runway”


I half-heartedly listen to the TV news, while dutifully cooking and cleaning, when I hear that former President Donald Trump is unveiling his own social media company — Truth Social.

Ain’t that a bitch.

All this time, I bought into the mass hypnosis conspiracy theory surrounding Q drops. Well, half-heartedly…

Inspired by Jack London’s ‘White Fang’

I’m walking around the neighborhood, pretending the cookie-cutter houses are an empty wasteland, after the third and final world war.

Me and my dog remain, roaming these empty houses and stores, gathering provisions, settling on the nicest one by a grove of trees and mountains of dead horses.

We spend most of our days roaming around. I sometimes let my dog out to run wild, forage for his own fresh meat, and wash himself clean in a lake or river.

He guards me when we sleep, always by my side. I talk to him and he listens, his eyes devoted to me, head always pivoting for the slightest sound.

Every time Lady Gaga gets to this part in her song, “You and I,” riffing over Queen’s “We are the Champions,” I get a tingle. The tingle feels like a mixture of hope and disappointment.

I’ve always wondered who inspires those types of songs…stories, speeches, late-night radio dedications. Did…

Or, the ‘Val’ we wished we knew

After I saw “Top Gun,” Val Kilmer was it for me. My dreamboat.

I knew the Amazon Prime documentary would be hard to get through, so I waited until last night, braced myself, and went through 61 years with the man behind the roles and the bad reputation as…

Carol Banks Weber

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