The Nashville bassist plays nearly everything in his arsenal to get a rise out of you in his electric-pop turn-over with singer Aly Cutter

When bass and vocals come together for one helluva ride, you get Jon von Boehm/Aly Cutter’s first cross-over pop collab. “Hustle” comes out Monday. Be sure to get yours. It’s whiskey for the soul.

“I’ll have you hooked with a single taste. When I’m done, you’ll never walk away. ’Cause you won’t break something you wanna keep. And I’ll make sure this stays in one piece.” — “Bet You Can’t,” introducing Aly Cutter

Kinda erotic, kinda explicit. Kinda awesome.

Bass composer Jon von Boehm’s…

Fighting battles no one understands

You sit there, bare-assed, talkin’ back, thinkin’ you’re the shit. Maybe you have a rock-hard hard-on you take care of later, beatin’ off to a helpless damsel-in-distress skin flick.

But the rest of us startin’ fires are too busy burying the dead, mourning the living, and trying to save a life other than ours — while missiles fly and bombs burst under an impossible twinkle-twinkle-little-starry night.

It’s just words strung together a certain way in an essay, designed to share an opinion and an experience. Not your small internal war.

Where do you go when authorities know all the safe houses? When justice is just a TV show, gettin’ in on some BLM action? Asking for a friend of a friend…

The moment I happened to look across the field of battle (so many battles) and caught your eye…was enough courage and fortitude I needed to lead the charge into dark, wet death.

You followed me then. Not blindly. But with purpose and a loyalty I have never known since…

Drummer Allison Miller and soprano saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom spend ‘Tues Days’ on an ephemeral groove

Recorded on five Tuesdays in March and April, the 11-track album, “Tues Days,” shows the ebb and flow of two loose-limbered, contextually sympatico musicians — drummer Allison Miller and soprano saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom — open to the inspirational flow of the present, feeling their way toward some kind of like-minded, ephemeral music. Cover Illustration: Leo Holder / Cover Design: Christopher Drukker

“Playing with Allison on these sessions was like a dance that took me completely away. We didn’t ever talk about what to do, we just played and it felt like pure motion. There was so much to move to and it occurred to me that playing together this way was…

“The sky is blue.”
“No, you’re wrong. It’s white. What are you, a moron?”


Two days ago, I successfully navigated the smartphone to phone a friend during a semi-emergency. Hearing his voice so casual and happy instantly put me at ease. Everything would be alright in the world.


Because Fairy Godmothers and Prince Charming are not coming, and besides, you’re not attractive enough to fuck.

I bet Spider-Man doesn’t have a loved one who gets annoyed and makes jokes when he cries at night over letting people down… Just me. Photo by Joey Nicotra on Unsplash

“You carry everyone around you, yet no one wants to acknowledge it. They don’t want to acknowledge you, because it would mean that they would have to admit that they can’t carry themselves and must rely on you. You….the one who thinks she is the least.” …

Carol Banks Weber

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