Shawn Maxwell’s ‘Expectation & Experience’ chronicles life in the midst of a global pandemic

Chicago-based jazz saxophonist Shawn Maxwell and 29 of his musician friends put out an artistic, sonic response to the global pandemic and all its desultory disasters in the 17-track album, “Expectation & Experience,” out May 21. Cover painting, “Satellite Collab,” by Lewis Achenbach 2021©lewisachenbach/ARS.

A record like this was inevitable. COVID-19 shut down our lives, our outlets, schools, businesses, real conversations, connections, music, art…things we took for granted in a free world.

Chicago-based saxophone composer Shawn Maxwell did what many artists do to cope.

He created, reflecting an inner and outer world in turmoil, reaching for happiness and hope regardless, holding onto moments that distracted from, hyper-focused on, and despaired the consequences of this…

The Nashville bassist plays nearly everything in his arsenal to get a rise out of you in his electric-pop turn-over with singer Aly Cutter

When bass and vocals come together for one helluva ride, you get Jon von Boehm/Aly Cutter’s first cross-over pop collab. “Hustle” comes out Monday. Be sure to get yours. It’s whiskey for the soul.

Kinda erotic, kinda explicit. Kinda awesome.

Bass composer Jon von Boehm’s upcoming album, Hustle, oozes sex appeal, thanks to Aly Cutter’s lyrical hits. Her silky voice is all you hear, all you wanna hear, enveloped in Matrix dance moves, follow the white rabbit Neo, and bomb-ass bass solos. Lust and love at first sight.

von Boehm records his first vocal pop…

For Jon von Boehm, the lockdown brought out a collaborative, barrel-aged, whiskey-shot pop-genius in ‘Hustle’s’ fluent, provocative grooves

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

in my dreams
I look for a key
already in my front right pocket
next to the plane ticket
and a taped picture of you
and I, together in one of those funny
yearbook poses of the ‘70s

a window is always open to the other side storms and dinosaurs, seas and ice caps, happy, shiny people in Eddie Bauer ads sipping lattes in gleaming white cups, their eyes peering over designer glasses - celebrities, elusive, vibrant, and slightly vacant when you ask them for the time - as if they’ve seen a ghost, pass the scones, darling, where was…

I’d rather watch the game than make small talk with soccer moms

Na Ali’i OAiea days

WHAT ARE YOU? Loser, Class of ’82. (Korean, I think.)

We’re not supposed to get racial, are we? We can talk around race, put ourselves in little cubbyholes, like little children on the first day of school. But, we can’t name names.

In Aiea, I learned the prettiest girls got all the boys. They were Filipino and Japanese, and they were the Homecoming & Prom Queens every year.

The Filipino ones were nice, but you didn’t stand a chance if even one of them was in the same room with you, waving their magic wands around the star linebacker and the entire trumpet section of the pep rally band.


Jonathan Karrant, Joshua White cover 13 standards with intimate, fetching charm in ‘Shadows Fall’

Acclaimed artists, singer Jonathan Karrant and pianist Joshua White, combine their considerable resources for a most splendid jazz covers album, “Shadows Fall.” PHOTO: Rikke Photography

Those missing pleasant melodies, warm timbres, and velvety modulations from the Golden Age of Jazz can take heart in a new recording by longtime musical partners, chart-topping singer Jonathan Karrant and acclaimed Thelonious Monk finalist, pianist Joshua White.

Taken from “My One And Only Love,” Shadows Fall presents the “best singer” (Bravo California Awards) and “immense talent” (Herbie Hancock) at their intimate, talented best.

Together, they climb into the meat and potatoes of what makes these 13 jazz standards and pop singles infinitely listenable and universally appealing: the beauty in the beat, and the heartbeat of what makes us swoon…

Photo by Alessandro Erbetta on Unsplash

“The term fag hag is derogatory for several reasons. It could imply that such a woman is unattractive to heterosexual men, is insecure about herself in regard to heterosexual dating and sex, is neurotic or needy, or is hiding her sexual attraction to gay men or to the particular gay man with whom she is spending time. The term could also offend a gay man in that a fag hag could be perceived as a threat to his sexual identity and cultural solidarity within the gay community. In addition, the component words are derogatory: fag is insulting to gay men…

Dream, April 29, 2021

Magic Valley, April 27, 2021, where I can breathe and roam free, without troubling a living soul.

In a sea of beautiful people, it is so very hard to stand out, to be loved. I’m stuck in this beautiful prison, where everyone smokes and you can’t breathe, and then they tell you, “This is reality. Where have you been?”

The most beautiful are the most wretched. Saying the most unimaginably savage things. Taking precious time to huddle up in their designer disco costumes, point and shoot.

It happened at a San Francisco nightclub, and several times after that, in Orlando. …

Carol Banks Weber

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