About the shooting


New Wesco Athletics photographer and Kamiak parent Meghan Fortier captured a moment in time at the highly attended Kamiak vs. Mariner game before a nearby shooting left fans and players in utter chaos.

But this is not my story. I already told mine here and here.

This is theirs…

Urrutia with his ride-or-die…
Jorge Urrutia also plays for the Varsity baseball team. Here, he’s about to bunt at last spring’s game. Mariner won, of course.
“Caleb took off running, had jumped the fence, and was almost to safety when someone asked him if he’d seen his cousin… He immediately jumped right back over those fences and ran back to the stand to find his cousin.” —Mom, Luv
Caleb Atoigue is the last person to talk about his accomplishments. “He doesn’t tell us these behind-the-scene things he does,” his mother Luv said. “We have to hear it from his friends, teachers, coaches, or parents. He’s so humble.” He’s also a hero.
Local heroes in action at Mariner’s Goddard Stadium, weeks before the terrifying shooter “incident.”
If you know Ryan Aceto, you know nothing fazes him. The sophomore athlete plans to keep going to Mariner football games to support his team—even though he attends another school now.
Your heroes, the mighty Mariner Marauders.

“Leaving, I talked to two police officers: one who yelled at me to keep moving and get off campus, and another who took time out of his job with traffic, and personally looked up directions for me on his phone, so that I could get somewhere safe with my friends.” —Maxine Tonty

“I ducked and covered my head, but kept moving. Some people were taking shelter in large shipping containers, some were hiding in bushes, kids were hiding on the school busses. I could see people screaming all around me, but I couldn’t make out what anyone was actually saying.” —Meghan Fortier

“When I heard a loud sound, at first I thought it was thunder. But then I saw everybody running. That’s when I noticed there was something worse, so I had to run too. During the chaos, all I remember was all of my teammates trying to find their families and get everybody to calm down. Some of the players were escorting people out. I also remember two of my teammates helping the kids with disabilities who were having a little panic attack.” —Jorge Urrutia

We headed home and sat in our living room with the rest of our family. We talked about our night and I tried to stop shaking from all the adrenaline still pumping through my veins. I hugged both of my boys tight and thanked them over and over for staying with me and staying calm.

As I lay awake in bed Friday night, I couldn’t help but wonder what I should have done differently. Should I have spoken up as soon as I heard the gunshots? Should I have grabbed my boys and bailed sooner? As an adult, should I have stuck around and helped these terrified children find their parents or rides? Who knows. All I do know is that I went into full mama-bear mode and selfishly thought only of my children and myself.


What this is, and what this is not

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