Fine Art Photographer Tom Saknit Scratches the Surface of Memory, Redacted and Revived

From Tom Saknit’s IG

“A few years ago, I realized I was asking the wrong question. Instead of asking ‘What more?’ I decided I should be asking ‘What less?’ It occurred to me that writers, composers and painters all start with a blank page from which they build. Photographers, on the other hand, start with a largely complete product (or at least a fully recognizable subject) and then they refine.

But what if I went the other way? What would an image look like if the photograph was deconstructed or, as I refer to it…Redacted Photography™?”

About Tom | Redacted Photography™

One of my personal favorites…

“As I worked on image after image, it occurred to me that my subconscious may have been taking a creative lead on the project. About the time I was developing the Redacted Photography ™series, a loved one was developing early signs of dementia. Concurrently a family member of a very close friend was battling Alzheimer syndrome. Being a touch of a hypochondriac, I began to ruminate on the possibility that I, too, was suffering memory loss. The images, therefore, became a metaphor of the transience, or more precisely, the imprecision of memory.”

About Tom | Redacted Photography™

The endless sea scattered with Moeraki Boulders becomes the Loch Ness monster, somewhere off the Otago coast of New Zealand — and Mars. A kimono-clad woman marks her own time, hovering between the multi-verse, in newly birthed, ancient Japan. A frozen, huddled mass of umbrella people along the Seine becomes its own sphere, referencing a classic Seattle pose. A bronzed Ghandi walks straight out of the picture, filtered through the prism of San Francisco’s Embarcadero, a nearly four-dimensional delight.

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