How to (Not Freak Out Too Much) Pass the Written Driver’s Knowledge Test in a New Town

So you don’t have to go through a parallel parking nightmare in a repeat of the harrowing skills test you took as a teen

Whew! Dodged that bullet… Photo by BezeVision on Unsplash

Life tends to throw curveballs, even when you’ve thought of every possible obstacle. And, I thought I did.

“I learned some time ago that while we live in a 3D world, there is a 4th dimension of time and we access it through our imagination. Whatever we put into our imagination and sustain with emotion will eventually cast a shadow in the 3D world for us to experience. Now that’s where fear comes in.” —Daniel Asuquo, ”Hello Fear,” No Echo

How to Survive the Written Knowledge Test:

After a week of over-studying, today I passed the Idaho Class D Driver Written Test. Officially an Idahoan! Celebrated with a late breakfast at Norm’s Cafe.

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