it’s just a greasy paper bag,
man-made drugs: your edible heroin,
the thing that will keep you hanging on for one more miserable day
to turn the wheel that keeps this show going
when you know damned well half the audience has left the room,
it’s Taco Tuesday, and the sandman has overdosed on carfentanyl,
the Chinese-Mexican street drug that killed her Trygve, the young man
renting a room upstairs in the house next door

stop, just stop

this just in, we sold another home for you!
be kind, follow the science, mask up, stay inside

(we don’t care if he died)

one smoothie turns into a cheeseburger
another late-night fast food run,
because Culver’s frozen custard is wicked-good…
…and I don’t want to try anymore,

I’m dying mom, can’t you see?
stop sending me care packages
your mochi crunch and oversized nightgowns
just add to the Goodwill pile

if I let go
let it all go
oh what a way to go,
my mouth tender with salt and stringy cheese

it’s been a shitty, shitty life
and I’ve already seen this show

Originally published at on March 12, 2021.

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