Precious Love

Discovered this love song during a tumultuous time, when a friend’s wife left him for another man and made it all his fault. The thrill’s in that chorus, which we all long to be able to sing to the wronged Mr. Right.
My ex- played this Beatles song on his guitar for me. I didn’t know if he was breaking up with me or proposing. Turns out…neither. But the gold is in the lyrics, as they ebb and flow, like waves in the ocean.
The steady, deeply melodic piano, ribbony bass, riveting guitar narrative, prophetic lyrical reading in full besotted display…I most identify with the sentiments of this forgotten song. If music could embody a human, this would be me in a song.
Forgetting the video — scared the shit out of me, not gonna lie — “Deeper and Deeper” — represents the optimistic, twirling little ballet dancer inside, that jumpy, charming girl who never gave up on love, and found it one fateful day when she wasn’t looking. A true fairy tale.
Every time I play this 1987 song by British one-hit wonder Breathe, I feel all depressed inside, because it’s during the in-between, lonely years. I was still hurting/in denial from a major breakup in 1981 with a guy who came out as gay and looked just like lead singer David Glasper. Oof.
He can be forgiven “Against All Odds,” because…”Two Hearts.” Besides immediately smacking you in the face with cheery lovey-dovey goodness, the song makes love possible for everyone, even me. The way Phil Collins fixates on that catchy bridge, paying proper, romantic tribute: “She knows, there’ll always be a special place in my heart, for her, she knows, she knows, she knows, yeah, she knows…,” fools me into believing that could be me.
My theme song, gentlemen. From the smooth, male harmonies, the funky, popping bass line, and mystical lyrics, to the grand design of it all falling into place, “Something About You” remains the quintessential love song for the broken-hearted.
I believe in reincarnation.
I want to be Shania Twain, singing this to my special someone. The bridge is delicate, flowering out of nowhere. The strings, oh!, fluttering in between the jagged electric guitar, as she says, “You’re the reason I believe in love,” probably resonates with everyone.
Shut up.

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