Raw in the Middle, Sailing Reds and Blues

John Mayer as Safe Harbor

When Forest Gump asks, “What’s my destiny, mama?” it gets me, every time.

At the end of “The Shape of Water,” the narrator, a friend of the woman who fell into the sea with the creature set free, recited a poem that made me feel the same longing, loneliness, and ultimately, resignation.

I want to be that person in the movie who does something important, significant, big. I want to be “Funny Girl” and “Mulan” wrapped up in one, in the middle of a great, big adventure with my friends…all of us thrust into an untenable situation, discovering characteristics we never thought we had…one great, big “Wizard of Oz.”

I’m the cowardly Lion, I want to say, who finds herself leading an Army toward freedom, an Asian Mel Gibson. After saving a bunch of children on the edge of a cliff, just like “The Girl on Fire.”

I’m the first and the last, and I never look back to see if anyone follows. I’m onto the next adventure, chasing the story, chasing the muse, sailing into the sea.

"John Mayer as Safe Harbor" the right side, it's always the right side of my neck, ballerina long and lean - when I stop eating these goddamned donuts - herpes lyme disease eczema stress red blotches 444 111 I am in alignment with the universe, I am Ready Player One about to take my last stand lost in the confines of his fretless fingers, finding the moment, entangled in blues and this jazz expanse between us

Originally published at https://carolbankswebercoggie.wordpress.com on February 21, 2021.

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