The legendary Yellowjackets meet ‘A Rise In The Road’ without skipping a beat

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Bass guru Felix Pastorius (second from the left) joins the legendary Yellowjackets for their 2013 re-introduction, “A Rise In The Road.” CREDIT: Marc Vanocur
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The Yellowjackets’ second album out on Mack Avenue Records is the definition of jazz democracy. It definitely keeps the band legend alive. CREDIT: Ann Cutting (Workbook Stock/Getty Images)/Margi Denton (art direction/design)

This album hits the sweet spot that jazz can hit for me, creating a mood both reflective and celebratory. Russell Ferrante’s piano evokes a range of emotion through this 10-song set, but it all feels good — to the ear and to the soul.” –Chico News & Review by Jaime O’Neill, June 20, 2013

Akinmusire lent his considerable chops and intuitive terrain on Ferrante’s raucous, almost avant-garde jazz piece, “An Amber Shade Of Blue,” the Herbie Hancock-inspired “Can’t We Elope,” and the tantric frolic, “An Informed Decision.” The winner of the Thelonious Monk International Jazz and Carmen Caruso International Trumpet Solo Competitions holds his own and gets to be a part of Yellowjackets history (the band has only incorporated the trumpet into its music recently on this the second consecutive album).

Felix Pastorius… JESUS!

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