What I saw after the shooting

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Well, the game started off nicely, before all hell broke loose.

“…Such bullshit. The football game was NOT stopped immediately. People started running and screaming well before the game was stopped. They failed to mention the total fucking chaos and the fact that all our children are mentally scarred for life. I hope they come up with a better way to handle situations like this.”

“Don’t worry about the game, mom. People are scared to die. Some aren’t.”

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Wearing the purple before the near-massacre… what a world.

“… At about 9 p.m., during the fourth quarter of the game, there was apparently an altercation between juveniles in the Mariner parking lot. The dispute moved off campus to 4th Avenue where five or six shots were fired. We are told by the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office that there were no injuries and no victims of this incident. There is no description of the suspect and the investigation will continue.

The football game was stopped immediately and the fans in Goddard Stadium quickly exited the grandstands. We are told that there was one injury during the evacuation when a student rolled an ankle. Fans were later allowed back into the grandstands to retrieve their belongings.”

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